I highly recommend this story since it stirs the imagination of young minds to look at nature and creation as a gift to appreciate the wonders of life. In addition, it inspires young readers to think about what their own talent can produce from simple observations... I encourage every school library to have discussion groups using the tips in the story. What a great stocking Christmas filler this could be... Kudos to the author. What a good read for young minds!
Prof Wysolmerski... College of St Rose

 “In this delightful and fascinating book, author Dorna Schroeter introduces the young reader to the amazing wonders of nature and the exciting world of biomimicry. It is immediately relatable. How many of us have pulled burdock seeds from our beloved pets? It is also the perfect segue for educators to help children discover the possibilities of how nature’s unique designs can inspire our creativity, inquiry and problem-solving skills." 

Dan Shornstein

Former Elementary School Principal 

Current Director of Curriculum at The Ashokan Center, in Olivebridge, N.Y.

“How An Idea From Nature Changed Our World” is an engaging story of Swiss engineer, Georges deMestral, and his design of a revolutionary product, Velcro. It covers his journey from his observations and investigations to ultimate design of a product that truly changed our world. As a science teacher, I often challenge my students to think like a scientist. With this book, I can show my students how to observe and learn from the genius of nature, and how to discover the scientist in us all! I can’t wait for the other books in this series. 

Diane Madaio

5th Grade Teacher

Chappaqua Central School District

 “Educating young people about climate change is critical, but equally as important is exposing our children to the wonders of nature and in turn, inspiring them to be caretakers of the planet. “How an Idea from Nature Changed Our World” by Dorna Schroeter clearly does that through a true story about biomimicry, a concept that has not been talked about in children's literature. This groundbreaking and important book is both accessible and motivating and will undoubtedly encourage children to further investigate the natural world.”

Robin Shepley-Shornstein

School Librarian, Woodstock Day School

Biomimicry has grown to become one of the most important forms of engineering of our time. “How An Idea From Nature Changed Our World” is a colorful and inspiring story for all ages explaining the origins of the first Bio-inspired product, Velcro. The language and structure of George and Sven’s story leaves the reader curious and motivated to try their luck at this incredible form of engineering!

Catherine Leist

Program Assistant

PNW BOCES Center for Environmental Education

I have read this delightful book, and I encourage everyone with children from ages 2 to 10 to read this to them or with them and watch their imagination grow.

Nancy Langdon-Schroeter